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I love the melody, but that's cuz it's not yours. Also, you could've done better with the sounds. Your choices were not good ones. The sounds did not fit together correctly.

When you do a remix, please make sure you put remix so no one sues you aight?

I love your beat!

Wow! This sounds so proffesional!

Except those generic voices. If you remix this song with a real persons voice I'll proclaim this a masterpiece.


THIS SONG IS SICK! Thnx for using one of my synths, but it doesn't fit very well into the song. Maybe I'll make another synth that'll go with it?

TheComet responds:

With all the synths you recently sent me, I'll probably make a newer version or something...hmmm...:)

Give me . . .

More!!! Or a sign, which ever one you want...

Anyways, this is some crazy ass shiz ryte here Halido. I love this. This is a lot better than what some people post here on NG. Congrats on a great song.

I would've gave you a nine for effort if you just had changed up that "melody" somewhere in the song. It was the same throughout the whole song. Or you could've had a cool pause kinda thing, but it';s your music.

So I gave you a 9/10 y 4/5

Love it!

The only problem is that you could've done more with this. That's al I knocked you down for. You could've had interlude where it was just beats are you could had the beat stop, then have the beat come abck and be ebtter than the last beat. Make a remix please...

What was that?

That was a work of art, thats what it was.

But your extra sound effects! Like that thing that sounded like a laser gun, or the thing that sorta sound like a phone?

But as always, your beats are sick! You are probably one of the best artists to bust out great beats! Awesome man, keep it up! I'd like to see you on top 5 someday!


Comet . . . That nasty little gurgling sound totally jacked up that song, I'm sorry. And s Evil-Dog said, I belive him when he says you really don't put much time and effort in your songs. Or, at least it doesn't sound like it.

I gave this song a 6/10 just becuase of that gurgling sound, but everything else (like the beat) was good. But that GURGLING SOUND!!!!

Make a remix of this, wihtout thast gurgling sound & with a melody, then I'll give you maybe a 9+/10, ^-^

TheComet responds:

That gurgling sound was the arp bass...the signature of this song :P
Like Paranoia's bass, this has it's "signature" or "trademark" (I've made about 5 paranoia remixes, it's my best DJed song in my opinion)

It's ok

The problems I had with this song, was that "dark" sound. It was cool at first, then it just seemed ugly.

Then those "extra" sounds. Like the sound that sounds like someone's kissing?

But other than that, the beats are sick again! OMG! I love yer beats dude! You gotta teach me! (If there is a learning process involved at all)

So anyways, I gave you 7/10 y 4/5

I love these beats!

These beats are awesome! I haven't heard beats like this before on NGAP. (Well, yeah I have but anyways) I just love it.

I was told me beats are ok, so I'm trying to improve upon them.

Good job on this. Make more sick beats funkman!

This is the best track ever

This has got to be one of the best, most realistic songs on Audio Portal right now!

I love this track and it's my favorite out of all of the ones you've done so far!

The only complaint I have about this song is the "gong" at the end.

But other than that, this song is my favortite still!

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