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Ha-HA! Damn this guy...

Since when did you get this good???

TheComet responds:

Holyshitmonkeys you're not dead :O


Are you trying to make some kind of statement? If so, I'm with you.

Andres360 responds:

OMG why do people think tht soo much



The melody is a tad overpowering. Only by like... 0.01% though. So no biggie. :)'

I'm kind of sad knowing that all this song has is it's melody. That's the track's focal point and the rest of it all (I don't think) received the same amount of R4U attention. :( I really love beats man, and so should you! Convert to PBism!

So I think that's the only thing I could ask of you out of this song. A tad more beat variation would help out a lot. Because your instruments just faded out in my mind. I paid them no special attention after awhile. I only listened to your cool little melody.

I've never listened to the original so I can't say much about the melody anyways. :/ Just that it's a shame that the melody wasn't entirely created by you. :(

You see... That's my only gripe about remixes. If it sounds awesome, it's based off of someone else's work already anyways. And you'd only do a remix of something that sounds good, right? Unless you're so good you can make a crappy song that everyone hates into an awesome radio killer track. :P

But yeah. The track was fun and I liked the melody. :) Was the latter half created by you? Cuz if it was, great!!! :D

Rave4Yourself responds:

lol, this entire track was basically by me. The very first melody that comes in, thats just using the same notes as the real song, but then everything else i made my own, because i didnt feel like remxing a song. why would you remix something already good? why not make it better than it already is? but ya, i agree with you on the melody thing. To me this is basically just ear-candy, lol, and those strings near the middle of the intro make me happy, cuz they make it sound super epic, lol.

anywho, thanks Azn, im a big fan of you. Hey! maybe we can collab and i can learn something? and maybe not, lol.

aynwho, g2g.

Hmmm... How can I put this?

Eh... Don't really listen to Inustrial so I kinda don't know what to expect from the genre itself so therefore, I don't know what to say? Although I like to be very helpful in my reviews... Hmm.

I sort of felt that it was very busy. Maybe TOO busy. Busy songs can still sound awesome but the busyness is just busy.

Feeling the guitar in the back when it's there for a few brief moments. :) Oh! I just noticed that. :P Yes! That's very good! (Kind of hard to listen to your track and watch my spelling at the same time. :)) Your song is changing constantly! That is a great aspect that many tracks should have! Unless, of course, you have a melody that is so good it just repeats forever and no one cares because it's soo goooood. :P But yeah.

A lot of SFX and stuff. Nice little addons like that are fun, too. :D But yeah... I think that's all I can manage to say. Your track didn't explode in my face or anything like that. :( But if you could make in the future that did that, I'd give you props.

ImperfectDisciple responds:

Yeah, it's supposed to be busy, so what could I say : )

-Thanks for the review!



Whoaness. Whoa. Hmmm... Where can I start? I'll just listen to the song over again...

Alrighty. The beginning, sadly enough, wasn't as interesting as the rest of the song for me. But when it started building up, I was like... Damnnnn, hella good. Yeah, a lot of mainstream hip-hop doesn't sound very much like this. Maybe you could find some underground stuff that would sound like this? Oh! And when the snare like... Pitched down for the first time I got really excited about review this song! So yeah...

The effects, again are good. :D But it'd be nice if that weird snap clap snare thingy had more as well. The snare in the back reminds me of some oldschool too. :D So that's fun. :P

The track itself isn't much if I had to say so myself. Lyrics play a huge role in the pace and fluidity of a hip-hop song and are the core of the track itself. A hip-hop track without lyrics is kind of meh. but I'm not saying you should have some. Just saying that if you compare your nice little dark and moody track here against... I don't know... Techn9ne or Gang Starr or something, it doesn't have the same feel / quality.

Actually... You can just ignore that last paragraph. It isn't TOO relevant. >_> So yeah. Good job. I think what is right now for you is the effects and stoof. More effects would make me really really really really happy. :)

bjoaierjbioaerjgoerj responds:

lol thanks for the looong review!


Not really my cup o' tea :/

But! I'm still going to return the favor. Hrmmm... One thing I notice is maybe you could try adding some more FX to your samples? Namely your beat samples like the kick, clap, open hat, snare, and snap. :) Because the rest of your sounds echo and ish, your instruments feel really out of place for meh.

I like the idea of a flute, which represents you know... Calmness, purity, and what those dark foreboding sounds don't! So the clash was really interesting, adding a nice little aspect to the song. I really like "Light vs Dark" kind of music. :)

The melodies for the flute really good. Reminded me of a certain game with a certain instrument on a certain system that was certainly the best one out of all of the series. But yeah!

The song was really different. I don't think I've heard a song with a flute and 4x4 until now. :) Good job. Just remember to add a teeny bit more effects to keep me interested and maybe through in some melody changes? That could also help keep someone's attention. :D See ya around!

bjoaierjbioaerjgoerj responds:

Thanx for the tips!


You know what :D

Hrmmm. Well, mastering could use a super tiny little bit of work as we so discussed earlier. I love the variations with the drums. Helk, I love the drums ya fuggin ph00!!! ;) Yadidimean? But for 2:35 I think it was kind of meh. You could've done so much more in that amount of time, y'feel? ^___________________^ Keep workin' on it man. You'll be super awesomo in no time at all.

Karbon responds:

Super Awesomo? Is that a new super hero? Lol. Yes...yes i knoooow 2:35, blah blah blah. Look at my responses. ;)

Nice intro

The intro was pretty awesomo man. ;) Dig your sounds. Not usual trance. :P The only real problem I have with is your mastering. The claps and other high end sounds come off a tad too loud. And also, there isn't a really recognizable melody for me to hum in my head. To me at least. The only real melody I got that I could follow was at the end with your piano. GOod notes on those. :D This is all just my opinion by the way so you can go with it or not.

PS It does sound a bit like a track off the matrix soundtrack. ;) Keep on working on!

Ak-17 responds:

Thnaks man, I'll keep on improving :)
P.S. You could have a point about the high hats.

Love the melody :DDDDDDD

You've already heard what I think about it. (Long time ago) But again, great bass. XD And melody is wicked awesome. Nothing really flawed about this song that I can hear. :/ So my review will be short. >_<

Awesomo stuff. 5/5

MattBlair responds:

Wholy crap, thanks for the review. You have no idea how much I appreciate this. I don't know what to say... THANKS!!!



As warm as it got...

Close but no cigar. I'd like to point out first that you mastering kind of hurts my ears. In the beginning, it felt like a lot of the sounds were really clashing. Then right after the first breakdown, something was wrong with the strings. They kinda pulsated intead of flowed. Hard to explain. o_O And lastly, I think you choice of sounds were a bit generic. If you could make them less generic sounding, it'd really help the piece a lot for me.

Enough ranting. Now for the plus side. As always, I'm liking your bass. :) Are you glad you recieved a tiny bit help on your basslines? ^_^ Also, that second melody was pretty shway. I really liked it, sounding distant and very diverse as it did. Also, during the first breakdown, there was a piano. It'd be cool if you had more of that piano throughout the track too. Overall, good job.

MattBlair responds:

Sorry bout the mastering, Still learning this program. The strings were supposed to pulsate, for very little time though. And generic? I dunno, maybe.

I'll definately work on the piano, and thanks for your comments about the melodie(s).


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