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This is pretty decent

This would make a really great song, you just need help with mastering, that's all.

And just to let you know, listen to some dance stuff to know what it sounds like. You could head over to http://www.digitallyimported.com to get an idea. (Please don't ban me!)

What you need is a lead bass, some kicks, and few hats. Go ahead and AIM Comet if you like but what you should really do is show this to someone like czer323 for mastering. HE can helkp you out with that. He helped me and I came a long ways... Don't submit much to NG anymore though. People vote low on my songs just cuz they don't like the style of music. To tell you the truth, if you don't liek that type of music, don't listen to it you bastards!

But anyways, all in all, I think this is decent. Just talk to my friend Czer323 and tell him I sent you and show him this or what ever you like and he'll teach you a few things.

illumatiks responds:

yea i kno wut yu mean bout people votin low cuz they dont like tha style, people aint used to the more complicated rap beats i do. Ill ask ya friend when i get back ta NJ, thanks for tha advice.

Check this out


Although yours is good, your doesn't match up to this one. I can't really give you any advice considering you redid the song and it's pretty close to the original. But what I'd like to see is your own interpretation of this song. Make it into trance or something. That would be nice.

I've listened to some of your (original)submissions and I think you've got great potential. I just don't want to see any attempts like these...

Better than your last

Wow, you got better over two months of time. Although some of your sounds are off and that preset melody you get with FL? Don't use that or any other ones. It's good to be original. Send me this song and I'll remaster it for you and send it back to you. See what you think.

Like I said, you're getting better which is a good sign. This isn't very good but all you need is more variations and some plugins. Time will tell... Meanwhile, keep on workin'!

TheComet responds:

I'll send it to u once I get AIM back (Need to redownload, probably tommarrow night)
how'd I get better over 2 months of time...uhm...too much time in 2 months of time :P
actually, I had next to no motivation to do flash with no net access so I turned to making music.
Btw, I did notice I made one off-tune beat in the start but I can't fix it without it being too high >.<(the softened arp)
btw, I have another FL song I'm working on but I can't think of a good lead for it >.< I'll probably redl AIM tomarow (like I said) so I can show you everything. check out my new club beats if you can, mixed in FL with them!

I agree with the retard

I don't know how this got #1 but it did...

This isn't exactly a masterpiece or a piece of crap. It has some potential but needs a lot of work. This doesn't really fall into the trance category... More like the misc section. And second, beat and melody you had was so random I couldn't even try to bob my head to it... I'm sorry but this is a below average submission.

But don't let my review or what anyone else says about you. Keep on working on it. I've listened to some of your other submissions and you can get there. Your mastering could use some work and you could try to make some nice sounding beats. Not just blam blam blam snap snap snapp snap. Just work on it... I'll be listening...

Pavo-Miskic responds:

Ya this really isnt one of my songs I wanted to get an award for. This was made with a demo of the program I use and now I have the full program and my songs are getting alot better than this stuff. Thanks for the review


For me, this was very original. I've never heard something like this on AP and I commend you for that. This is some really spooky stuff. I can image this being used in one of those freaky ass flash cartoons like Smile!

This isn't really good as a song but it did have very good effects and the ice cream truck music in the distance was very good too... Sounded like it was broken...

Overall, good job.

JASH responds:

Thanks alot!! I am going to use it as an intro to a song, but I could see how this short, eerie part can be used more than a full somg for flash. Thanks again, it really helps.

Oh Shit!

Damn man... This is huge jump for you. I congratulate you in such a fine piece of work as this. Very kick ass! Man Inept this is better than any the beats I have ever came up with! And I see you put many layers of drums which is always plus and there were hella variations. Too many for me to count...

Overall, this is a excellent submission. Even though the instruments other than the drums seemed a little weak, the drums were the main focus here so I'm going to give a five just for that. Good job!

Ineptitude responds:

thanks a lot, i really like some of your track, too. :)

but zero originality? cmon.


For your first submission this is really nice! At first, it was something I'd expect from a car commercial of some kind but this is in a league of it's own. This is really good stuff Inept! The song is ever changing which is a very nice change. Not so much repetition like some songs...
And you have got to love those beats! I hope you conitnue to come out with good stuff like this, and more!

Oh hell no

You stole this man. I'm sick and totally disgusted as to what you just did. Even though it cuts off and restarts you still used a component which does not belong to you. It's copyrighted material and you could get into some deep shit for doin this.

Ruff-01 responds:

no my friend made most of it i help him out a littel and he said i could post it on NG

You can do better

I understand that this is a beta but what's the point of submitting a beta? Might as well wait to finished the completed version eh? Well here's my review.

Nice beat. Even though it was very complex and interesting, I found it rather boring after a while. If you had more than one layer of drums then it would liven things up a little. Try (VERY) different variations of the beats too. Like add a tiny breakbeat part of it's own at one time or another. That would sure wake up the listener.

Rather oring and basic. yet again, I understand that this is a beta and you "threw it in" for "substance" but I am reviewing your work regardless. You could've tried for a nice melody of some kind instead of a droning sounding one. Maybe a highpitched synth with a nice melody could've made this ten times better. If the melody changed as often as the beat did without straying to ofar away from it's original melody then again, more points for you.

Nice beats, crappy synths, mediocre piece of work. But I have offered you some tips and I hope you use them to improve upon yourself. Remember, it's not what you think sounds cool, it's what sells to the people best.

Ineptitude responds:

wow, first off, thank you very much for your long in-depth review. i agree with most of it and appreciate the constructive criticism a lot.

i really like this style of music, and this was just my first real try and some beats with some slapdash synths, both of which could've been improved as you said. i'll take your suggestions into account in making a final version. i hadn't planned on pursuing a finished product with this one, even though it was termed 'beta,' but your advice makes me want to see what i can do with it.

i do, however, disagree with your final, ending point. music should come from your soul, be what YOU like, and not be "all about the money." playing to the people, as you advise in your last sentence, often ends bands up as sell outs with no real heart to their music.

regardless, thanks again. look for improved music from me in the future. i plan on staying awhile.

Good Job

Sick beats man. This is really awesome. It really reminded me of Streets of Rage for some reason. Other than that this is a nice submission. Really makes me wanna hit some one. And that acid? Damn... Love acid when it's used right and you did pretty good manipulating it.

Downsides are: That strange synth that comes in later in the song... I think that pretty much killed it. If it was a hard hitting synth or something then this would've gotten a five.
And then it seemed rather repetative to me and kinda longer than what it should be. Maybe if you kinda squashed some parts intogether with others and made this shorter, it would bea plus also.

Again, this is good and I hope other submissions will be better than this as you progress.

ColdLogic responds:

thanks for the review man, I thought it would notify me if i got one, heh your input is helpful. may 17th oh man...

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