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Loved the Organ ;)

Only problem I see was that it was kind of repetative and your sounds levels are kind of off. Some are too loud and some aren't loud enough. ;) None of these were loops, were they? If they weren't that's one hell of a good job you did! If they are... Well... Meh.

What'd really help this track was some variety and a break from your synths. Maybe an interlude with a piano or something? Or let the organ solo it? It'd really help out this track a lot if you get what I'm saying...

Melodies were cool :) Check me out too here:

Mastery Could Use Some Work

Pretty mellowed out piece. Good array of instruments but again, the major problem that seems to stand out is your mastery. Some sounds clipped pretty bad and your bass was outrageously loud. The may have been an octave too low, as well? You might want to test and see how it is. ;) These really did take away from your track. :(

Other than those points, it's a fine piece. I really dig the echoey feeling to it. The tempo change at the end was a great add-in as well. I really enjoyed that. :D

Keep on going on and be sure to check my stuff out as well. ;)

You know what :D

Hrmmm. Well, mastering could use a super tiny little bit of work as we so discussed earlier. I love the variations with the drums. Helk, I love the drums ya fuggin ph00!!! ;) Yadidimean? But for 2:35 I think it was kind of meh. You could've done so much more in that amount of time, y'feel? ^___________________^ Keep workin' on it man. You'll be super awesomo in no time at all.

Karbon responds:

Super Awesomo? Is that a new super hero? Lol. Yes...yes i knoooow 2:35, blah blah blah. Look at my responses. ;)

Nice intro

The intro was pretty awesomo man. ;) Dig your sounds. Not usual trance. :P The only real problem I have with is your mastering. The claps and other high end sounds come off a tad too loud. And also, there isn't a really recognizable melody for me to hum in my head. To me at least. The only real melody I got that I could follow was at the end with your piano. GOod notes on those. :D This is all just my opinion by the way so you can go with it or not.

PS It does sound a bit like a track off the matrix soundtrack. ;) Keep on working on!

Ak-17 responds:

Thnaks man, I'll keep on improving :)
P.S. You could have a point about the high hats.

Love the melody :DDDDDDD

You've already heard what I think about it. (Long time ago) But again, great bass. XD And melody is wicked awesome. Nothing really flawed about this song that I can hear. :/ So my review will be short. >_<

Awesomo stuff. 5/5

MattBlair responds:

Wholy crap, thanks for the review. You have no idea how much I appreciate this. I don't know what to say... THANKS!!!



As warm as it got...

Close but no cigar. I'd like to point out first that you mastering kind of hurts my ears. In the beginning, it felt like a lot of the sounds were really clashing. Then right after the first breakdown, something was wrong with the strings. They kinda pulsated intead of flowed. Hard to explain. o_O And lastly, I think you choice of sounds were a bit generic. If you could make them less generic sounding, it'd really help the piece a lot for me.

Enough ranting. Now for the plus side. As always, I'm liking your bass. :) Are you glad you recieved a tiny bit help on your basslines? ^_^ Also, that second melody was pretty shway. I really liked it, sounding distant and very diverse as it did. Also, during the first breakdown, there was a piano. It'd be cool if you had more of that piano throughout the track too. Overall, good job.

MattBlair responds:

Sorry bout the mastering, Still learning this program. The strings were supposed to pulsate, for very little time though. And generic? I dunno, maybe.

I'll definately work on the piano, and thanks for your comments about the melodie(s).



Wow. Those vocals took it one step farther than the majority of tracks on the audio portal. It was very refreshing. ;)

There was a lot of variety in Star, which I find awesomo. The beat variations and what not. ;) My only complaint though is I think you could've did a bit more with the melody. It's fine the way it is but I just think it could be greater than it is in this state. You know?

Overall, excellent. :)

Karbon responds:

The vocals made this song one of the best ;)

The melody could of had more tweaking, but it still came out good.


Even with all of the sounds I kept on thinking someone was signing in or trying to message me. :P Good job on this one. Very creative. :)

Diabolo-ical responds:

Yeah, I once played every song in my Windows Media Player library, and unfortunately it played this one just as I was signing into MSN...

Definate improvement

You're getting really great at what you do now. Surprised you used to come to me for help! Look at you now! Great stuff man, I'm really impressed with how far you've come along in just three, four months.

Your sounds are crystal clear and pretty nifty. Lots of thing complimenting eachother. The beats are awesome. Especially the little three step you put in there! I also enjoy the melody you have at the end. Gave me some closure knowing there's a melody in there.

If you'd like to take this one step farther, making this into a more epic piece would greatly improve upon it. Only suggestion I can really make at this point in time.

apimusic responds:

I don't mean to be corny or anything but you were a great tutor :'). You are still one of the best artists on here. You need to submit concordia and fast, that track is friggin amazing. The three step was the toughest part of the track to get right, but I suppose it turned out right in the end. Thanks so much for the kind words man, they mean alot :)



To start things off, the bass during the intro (which seemed to last forever) really threw things off. There wasn't much variation in your music either. It was sort of all the same thing over and over, with new instruments that come in. You should really vary between your melodies and sounds make it differentalmost all of the time so listeners don't get bored. :(

cheesemonkeybill responds:

of course ur gonna git bored, its tekno music! duh. and its only like, .3 seconds of bass in the intro, i dont know what you have wedged up ur ass...

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