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Surely you guys could do better! :/

The intro arp thing was a little too crowded for me since it was the intro and all. And the mastering could use a little work as well. It seemed all the high ends were chewing away at my eardrums. And besides what every's already said about the repetativity of the melody, which is great to say the least, everything else is ok with me. I just would've thought guys like you two could come out with something a little more spectaclar than this. :( Always hearing your guys' names and all.

ChRoN0uNc3 responds:

hey this is our first song - and it was far from perfect - so lay off, ok? For a first song It's really not too bad - shall we compare YOUR first song to this? Ya thats what I thought!



I'm really skeptic at the fact that you made this. But I noticed a lot of your work are remixes. All of them are actually. I'm kind of wondering if you're capable of making something original that is 100% made entirely by you.

And if what you say is the truth, that you don't take the original tracks and tweak them, then I'm really wondering how you can make such a convincing remix that sounds almost exactly like the original, but not make a track that is made all by you. And making such pro sounds with stock synths is extremely difficult. So what programs are you using to make your music? And what synths and other sounds as well? How much FX do you put into your channels man? I want to know!!!

BUT! If this track IS made by you, which I highly and very much doubt then good job. Sounds very pro. That's a plus. The only problem I have is the sudden tempo change and the cut off tweaking. Make it sound good, to muddy, then back. Then from good, to that telephone radio-ish effect, then back. The bass could of been better too if you ask me. The kick was nice and hard, which is always good but the bass man... Blargh! I hope you'll answer all of my questions and clear up any doubts by me and/or everyone else.

Scorpion132 responds:

Hey, thanks for the review. You see, after making 29 remixes, every now and then I like to steal a few bits from someone famous like Tiesto just to see if I can sneak away with it despite the fact that it would be impossible to get away with since millions of people have heard he’s music.

What I didn't count on was that an idiot listener such as you would think that it’s not my work.

Why with skills like that, why are you writing barely intelligible reviews to strangers when you could be doing detective work instead? You could go around to popular websites and find obvious similarities between my music and someone else’s.
I can see it now: "Detective Dipshit: Private Dick for hire." Keep up the great work, dumbass. How bout stop being a cry-baby suck-ass pussy and being jealous of my work. Tell me something, you know what’s stupid? Ill tell you what it is. Stupid is a very serious disease, and judging by your review you might have it; you should check with someone. Here are some symptoms of Stupid:

-You're a major business company.
-You own a $15,000 dollar car.
-You write a review to strangers babbling about stolen music because you think taking a 1000 level psychology course in a community college gives you the right to talk out of your ass.
-You think that sitting in meetings at work is productive.

Phew that was lot of writing (hope your small brain didn’t shut down...well actually I hope it did), in conclusion... Go screw yourself.

P.S. I make my own music, I just don’t want people that have the stupid disease listening to my music. It might make you more stupid.
But I made a special one just for you. Hope you like it: http://img116.exs.cx/img116/1913/tp4hx.swf


Just hitting you back for your review on my page man. ;) But um... Let's see...

Don't really know what to say exactly. First thing I noticed is that when one of your synths hits a low end it's off tune just by a little bit. It was like a stab in my ears so it was easy to point out. :P
Um... I noticed that everything follows the same melody. If you had some variety in that department, it would surely improve your songs.

But on the plus side, I noticed that you're using some FX. That is very good!!! I noticed a large portion of people don't use them. That or I'm listening to the same people over and over again. :/ But yes, keep on experimenting with the fx, fiddle with the settings on the sounds, and you'll be sounding pro in no time. Speaking of fx, I think you should put a bit more on the instruments in your music. Or at least, in this submission. And some non-stock beat sounds would help you a lot too.

All in all, it was a track I probably would've made myself two years ago. :P If you listen to the stuff at the top of my page, then the bottom, you'll see a remarkable difference. ;) Just stick with it and you'll get better. Stick with it and you'll stand out.

Good I Suppose...

The first thing I realized is that I noticed was that your mixed the original track up a bit. I guess that would make it a remix. I thought that this would be a tad bit more original than what you have right here.

Good thing is, it's a nice song and it's cool that you chose to do a remix on this for that contest. Very catchy too and you made it your own (I think) so that's a plus. It's long too. Everyone nowadays likes long tracks so good job on that!

What I don't like is the fact that you made it repetative. It took like 4 measures or whatever you have in your program for the beat to change up. I didn't really like waiting. :/ If you could add more variation to the track to keep my attention then that would make this an excellent remix. And if you added a lot more stuff of your own into the track it would be cool. I don't have the original so I can't tell what changes you made. I feel that you did a good job from what I know and hope to see... <_< >_> Less of this kind of submission! If you did do a remix, I'd like it to be a lot more you and less another artist. You know what I mean?

Well, you got my two cents on this. Do what you will with it. I'll keep checking up on you to see how much you're improving. ;)

oddkun responds:

thank you for checking it out! i did change the song alot, but i think i could add more. thanks very much! i'll repost an updated version soon!


This is very good compared to a lot of stuff I hear from other users. The beat is good, the bg sounds, and other leads. All come together well. Especially with that sine in the background later on. The only problem I would have with this piece is that guitar sound. It wouldn't happen to be PLUCK would it? If you could find a better guitar sample, then this would be supreme. Please, keep up the good work.


This is bad!!! I love it! The intro was purely awesome! But then as soon as that 'farting' sound kinda came in, it kinda killed it for me. But last leg of the song kinda picked up and made up for it. Also another thing. What's with the pause later in the song? I was about to play another song when it started playing again. Solo beat, then synth came in. Then it ended suddenly. What's up with that?

JuggaloJosh responds:


I love that lead

Good job. It sounds a lot like some of the hip-hop stuff that's being produced nowadays with that techno-ish feel to it but still sticking to it's roots by have a nice beat. This is a nice song to freestyle to. Reminds me of some crunk stuff.

The thing I like about this the most is probably that lead you have going on the whole time. It's very nice. Simple but I can get down to it. Good job on this one. Hope to see some more like this.

JuggaloJosh responds:

1st of all, thx for review :). And second listin to all my new songs that i just made, 3rd do u like my music?


Very very nice. The beat was good, the melody was awesome and the vocals were... Eh, ok. Maybe too much of them. And your scratching? Based off of my previous knowledge, those were premade clips right? They were ok if you ask me. But I enjoyed everything else. This submission is fairly good compared to others I have heard in the past. Good job, keep it up.

Well done

This an excellent piece. Although it it may not sound top quality but your melodies in Capacitor II are unbelieveable. In my one year of composing I could never come up with that in my head.

Your beat is good but maybe you could get some better samples? The sounds just didn't fit for me.

Other than that, this is highly original and you should get more reviews / credit for such good songs.


OMG! Sick! This is real nice stuff you got going here. It would be nicer if you made your own original beats tho, even as cool as it sounded. At first, I was going to shake my head thinking, "Have I not taught something to Inept?" But then that beat came out the cutz!

Only problem I had was your mastering. Some sounds seemed maybe a bit too loud. I don't know, it could be me, my speakers, or the fact that you lowered the quality.

Other than that, I found this to be very entertaining, even though you didn't have a super awesome interlude. It would be nice if you had one which introduced one or more new sounds, then came back with the earlier beat. Or something like that. It also seemed like you prolonged it, too. Kinda repetative also. But it was awesome, none the less. Keep it up Inept.

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