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Pretty good

This submission deserves to be at the top of the ranks on the Inustrial list on AP. Even though I can't really say this a type of Industrial I've heard before, it's really cool. The beats are sick and it works great for a flash artist to use in the background. I hope you continue to get better at composing and that you come out with a masterpiece someday.

Alright but...

It's a rather short peace of work and I think you could've done more with it actually. Maybe chanegd up the bass, added a synth, a new beat stream... But that's just me. I hope to see a revamped version of this. I think this could go far but in it's current state, it's kinda bland.

y2kh8r responds:

yeah, the full version is 2 minutes long, but for use if flash videos, I thought a small loopable segment would be best.

Thank you!

One of the not so many users who's music arous my interests. It even souinds better than most of the bull I hear these days on the portal...

Well, I was just browsing around, looking at competition in the Industrial section of AP and I found you at the top of the list. There was also a five rating so I went to check out and see if your submission deserved it in my eyes. So here I am reviewing your submission.

I LOVE the beat man! Really nice. The other sounds are very creative in a sense and found it quite refreshing! :D I liked this song and hope you come out with more pleasing items!

Wanion responds:

Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed it!


Ok, this is what I'm talking 'bout Comet! You're starting to get your act together! This is obviously way better than previous submissions. Even though it was rather repetative it is a great improvement. I'm glad you took Evil_Dog's advice and spent time on your submission, just as you said.

Again, you're getting better and I hope the next submission is better than this!

Hmmm . . .

Did you make this from scratch? I don't think you did, but if you did then flare at me.

Other than that I like it. It's not good but it's not bad. Sorta in between.

Urm . . .

Kinda sounds funny to me. The piano sounds like it's one of those piano's durin them cowboi times at a saloon.

And the strings are great! BUt the piano just f*cked things up. BUt that's just my opinion.


Damn, this is awesome. Only problem is that it isn't good for loops becuase it doesn't loop at all. X_X


This sounds hella funny! 10/10 5/5!

. . . Right

Wtf was that? You just disgraced yourself right there

Another good beat

This is awesome, it's just voices. Or at least some of them get annoying. Like the one that sounds like it says 'I love you'.

Other than that, this is sick my friend.

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