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I can't stop watching.

That's some funny sheeit you got there, dude. I'm a fan of your stuff and love almost all of them. :D

Is it weird that I noticed Phillip's tie changed colors? Yeah... I think I watched it too many times.


I hella found the EASTER EGG by accident when I was done laughing at Goku's, "I won't let you get away with this! Blehgyahehehgeh!" But the easter egg is hella dumb. That and it calls you a fag. :( That and the egg loops! >_< Hella annoying.

Very cool submission though. I don't think Legendary Frog is THAT bad though.

Awesome beats you got there ;)

Just wanted to say thanks for using my music on your submission! Good job. I really like what you did with it. Both the FFVII Battle track and the Pokemon-ness. It was good, I really enjoyed it. The sound was just a bit off on my pc after awhile. Not fast enough?

Sonucais responds:

Hahahahaha! Your music is great.

Oh... Sorry, my PC sux and when I publish the movie, the sound is desync. =(

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You can just push 'tab' and hold enter to click it. You'll get 10 clicks every second basically. Don't know if you feel like playing the K. game again, though. Unless you have a makeshift turbo button by putting something heavy on top of it. :D Just make sure whatever it is that 'Enter' is the last key pressed and held so that it'll count down. :D So leave it and come back later. :)

OCD? Maybe boredom. ;)

How to beat "Jesus"

Took me awhile, (Firing grenade launchers and rockets at him constantly) to figure out that you have to beat him down with your weapon or gun. (With your hand / use your mouse)

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Ha-HA! Damn this guy...

Since when did you get this good???

TheComet responds:

Holyshitmonkeys you're not dead :O


Are you trying to make some kind of statement? If so, I'm with you.

Andres360 responds:

OMG why do people think tht soo much



The melody is a tad overpowering. Only by like... 0.01% though. So no biggie. :)'

I'm kind of sad knowing that all this song has is it's melody. That's the track's focal point and the rest of it all (I don't think) received the same amount of R4U attention. :( I really love beats man, and so should you! Convert to PBism!

So I think that's the only thing I could ask of you out of this song. A tad more beat variation would help out a lot. Because your instruments just faded out in my mind. I paid them no special attention after awhile. I only listened to your cool little melody.

I've never listened to the original so I can't say much about the melody anyways. :/ Just that it's a shame that the melody wasn't entirely created by you. :(

You see... That's my only gripe about remixes. If it sounds awesome, it's based off of someone else's work already anyways. And you'd only do a remix of something that sounds good, right? Unless you're so good you can make a crappy song that everyone hates into an awesome radio killer track. :P

But yeah. The track was fun and I liked the melody. :) Was the latter half created by you? Cuz if it was, great!!! :D

Rave4Yourself responds:

lol, this entire track was basically by me. The very first melody that comes in, thats just using the same notes as the real song, but then everything else i made my own, because i didnt feel like remxing a song. why would you remix something already good? why not make it better than it already is? but ya, i agree with you on the melody thing. To me this is basically just ear-candy, lol, and those strings near the middle of the intro make me happy, cuz they make it sound super epic, lol.

anywho, thanks Azn, im a big fan of you. Hey! maybe we can collab and i can learn something? and maybe not, lol.

aynwho, g2g.

If there's ever a time when we can't be together, Keep me in your heart, I'll stay there forever


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