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It's ok

A thing that could really help you is if you download some better sounding samples. It would really help this track a bit.

Also, a bit more thickness to your song would help too. Adding more sounds and effects could make your track go a long ways.

But the things I really enjoyed are that sliding hat sound and that distant spooky feeling effect in your track. That really added a lot of flavor to this submission. Maybe if you stuck with a spooky theme? Who knows. Just keep on trying to improve on your style!!! That's what I constantly try to do and I hope that everyone else does to.

WhiteMoth responds:

yeah i was feeling i bit lazy on this track. youve got a good point, and it looks like people like this one, so i think i may do a second one

Been a long time

Since you've submitted a track. Five months? That's a wide span of time that should have allowed you to improve greatly. :)

As for the track, I don't know what to say about it considering you said it was a "remix" so I don't know if any of it's original or not. But pretending it is, this is some fantastic stuff man. :) I love all of the sounds and the composition is very well uh... Composed! ;) I especially love the gong and bell sounds. They added more of an ominous feel to it. The piano solos were especially nice, adding a bit of flavor to this track. :)

Again, I don't know if this is super original or a rip or anything. Still, it's nice.

ShinnyMetal responds:

diffenantly not a rip, and i changed the melody slightly and added in my own stuff, and thanks ^^ thank you allot, I great apreciate your review and compliments


I wrote this long review but I closed this window by accident. RAWR!!! But w/e. I'll just paraphrase what I said.

-The intro is great.
-Your strings aren't. Get a new sample of strings to work with and lower the level of that channel, please! It's too loud!
-Your transitions need a lot of work.
-Melody is kinda wack but alright I guess. It's also too loud. ;)
-The end was super crazy but I didn't like it. Again, transitions.
-Your sounds are awesome man! You just need to practice on your composition.
-Your bass is really weak. It's very hard for me hear it. Trying making it a bit more like bass should be and you're cooking. :)


You can't stop making music Fan! If you really like composing your stuff,then keep on doing so! Don't let other people stop you from what you like doing! That is, of course, you like making music of course. Take what people say and mold it into more music whether it be postive or negative input! Just don't give up so easy!

Fanta5t1c responds:

haha theres noway im giving up yo! i know i said it like 34252384572383479 times, but yea, i think im getting better, im getting new equiptment and stuff so i can make actual good songs finally =P but hey! your speech inspired me to do more! YAYTHANKS!

Very original

This track is pretty schway man. You know your stuff. Most of it is frickin' awesome. I'm actually pretty jealous. I wish I could make REAL music instead of what I usually compose. Tance, techno, dnb.

The sine sound that is a mix between a bell and a whistle? That really held the piece together. Good job on that. ;) Also, the voice fx was a cool addition too. You just couldn't understand what it was saying and it didn't sound too realistic. But still, that's what makes it cool. ;)

My major problem with your track, although composed masterfully, your sounds and samples are a bit too generic sounding. If you could some how find other ones that sound more pleasing to replace what you have, this track would be perfect. :)

Cpt-Nemo responds:

That sine sound is the 3xOSC in FL with only two sines playing at an octive interval. All the percussion is stuff that came with FL, so maybe that is why it sounds generic.

Its nice to know that I can make people jealous with my music...I think that you may be the first, though! ^_^

Those bongos are friggin sick

Manu Dibango action right here. ;) The track is pretty sick man. The only problem for me is that it seems to be a little empty. That and the lyrics are kind of repetative.

If you had some kick ass bass that was really audible in the track this would be 5 vote from me. The Api-ish bass is awesome but it doesn't really seem to fit in that well. But I'm giving you a four because of the echo effects you got on the vocalists voice and some of the industrialness you got in there is awesome. Like the dun-dun towards the end. :) If only there was more changes more often man. I was bored most of the time!!!

Karbon responds:

Thats why you have to listen to the full version ;)

Anyways i see where you're going. I don't mind you giving me a 7 and a 4 because you make the reasons real constructive. Thnx.


Originality - 5 . This is a remix so props for originality shouldn't go for you so much.

Diversity - 7 . Sure it's different but not so much. At least, not to me.

Clarity - 10 . The mastering is beautiful. Is it cuz you're using a different program now or what? ;)

Effort - 8 . I seriously don't know how much effort went into this but since it sounds so cool, I'll give you an eight. If you really wanted this to be the sickest remix ever, you would've done more, I'm sure. More of an intro, interludes, strings, and more crazy diverse sounds.

Overall - 8 . As good as this is and all, I know you can do better than that. I think strings would've really lifted this track. And the transitions from the first melody to the second wasn't smooth enough for me. It would be great if this sounded more and more vocal trancish. I want the whole package! Not just some kickass melody and awesome bells!!! Give me more!!!

Hope you like. ;)

You can do better,

But since this is an older submission, that doesn't matter much now does it. ;) All I gotta say is, "Ditto" and you need more bass! You can never get enough of it. (You can but that's not the point)

You should really consider doing a remake of this now that I've seen how much you've improved. But you use those amen beats too much! If you could make your own beats from scratch, it'd be 10x better!

Laugh Out Loud

That was pretty funny man. ;) Only complaint is that this isn't exactly original (which is something I like to see from artists) and it was a bit too quiet for my tastes. But it's good, none-the-less. You didn't rip an midi did you? >_>

iowabeefexperience responds:

Haha, yeah, well, it was sort of just thrown together. It was sort of engineered to be crappy. And no, actually. I never ever rip midis. EVER. Thanks for the review.

Pretty good dude

The intro was awesome. I was hooked on your song really fast. ;) And I love your kick. Nice hard and fast. The only advice I could prolly give you is add effectrs to your instruments and try not to make your beats go away and come back so many times. That annoyed the crap outta me. :/ How am I supposed to get down to your music if the beat goes away so many times, eh? And your synth wasn't to my liking either. But the basic idea is awesome. If you had pro sounding stuff, I'm pretty sure this would be near the best in the portal. Good job man. :)

PERVOK responds:

yeah...i know i could have changed some things but...i dont know. i migh consider remixing this song to make changes.

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