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I can't stop watching.

That's some funny sheeit you got there, dude. I'm a fan of your stuff and love almost all of them. :D

Is it weird that I noticed Phillip's tie changed colors? Yeah... I think I watched it too many times.


I hella found the EASTER EGG by accident when I was done laughing at Goku's, "I won't let you get away with this! Blehgyahehehgeh!" But the easter egg is hella dumb. That and it calls you a fag. :( That and the egg loops! >_< Hella annoying.

Very cool submission though. I don't think Legendary Frog is THAT bad though.

Awesome beats you got there ;)

Just wanted to say thanks for using my music on your submission! Good job. I really like what you did with it. Both the FFVII Battle track and the Pokemon-ness. It was good, I really enjoyed it. The sound was just a bit off on my pc after awhile. Not fast enough?

Sonucais responds:

Hahahahaha! Your music is great.

Oh... Sorry, my PC sux and when I publish the movie, the sound is desync. =(

Wow! I'm surprised!

I really thought that this submition was going to bomb. But after a few minutes of pure silence, some good stuff came out of this. I'm also surprised at your knowledge of anime. I saw many references in your movie. But, all I have to say is work a little harder on your animation and maybe try some frame-by-frame work. I really think this is cool! Even though the reading was kinda annoying, and at some parts maybe too fast. Like with the letter. Kina hard to read at first. But other than that, this is good. Not the best, but getting there. Keep up the hard work! (If you're working hard that is)


Um, Matt . . .

This series is going downhill. It's not as funny as the first 5!! What happened? Where's the magic?


Wow, this is really great! (I like the DBZ kinda reference)

but is it supposed to end suddenly like that?

I love this series

This ep didn't have as much "magic" as the other ones before it but that embarressing thing between the legs was awesome. COuldn't stop laughing on that one so I had to watch the whole thing over again.


I think Dragon Ball Ecks is the next best thing to come upon Newgrounds!

I love it already, even though it's not out. I hope that this will have a huge stroy line with multiple saga's, but that's a lot of work. I'm happy as long as the story line is good, and voices fit with the character.

Speaking of voices, I think my friend might intersted being a voice actor . . .

Maverick22 responds:

^_^ Thanks. ...errrr multiple sagas... 0_0 relax... Im not even finished with episode 1. Storyline will be good. And it hasnt been told in DB yet. so thats a plus. Have your friend contact me.

Found two secrets!

One was in the "x" of the "D" of the "DO" button in, "How DO you want him to die?"

And one was after seeing the "Explode" sequence, rightclick in the window and press play!


That was the biggest piece of **** I've ever laid my eyes upon. Yet it was funny as hell!

SepirothX responds:

It wasnt supposed to be funny

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